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Maltego Onboarding Product Tour

Modified on: Mon, 29 Apr, 2024 at 4:22 PM


Maltego users can Start Onboarding, right away, and learn about the fundamental features of Maltego through an onboarding product tour.

After initial installation of the Maltego Desktop Client, a guided tour is offered on the first run. After licensing and configuration wizards are completed, a dialog appears on the top right of the Client screen. This dialog is the beginning of the guided tour.

Maltego users are offered a guided in-Client tour which provides instruction on how to use the Maltego Desktop Client. Each step of the tour highlights Maltego’s base functionalities.

The tour can be postponed until the next run of the Client by clicking the Not Now button.

How to Access Maltego's Product Tour

The Maltego Product Tour can be accessed from the main Applications Window. To do so, select More about Maltego, to access the Start Onboarding tour.

In addition, the tour can be started manually by clicking the Help button on the top right of the Maltego Desktop Client, then select Start Onboarding to launch.

Guided Investigations

Guided Investigations are offered at the last step of the onboarding tour. These are aimed at introducing primary investigation scenarios. Each Transform run during these investigations brings sample results with their explanations.

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