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Transform Output

Modified on: Wed, 15 Nov, 2023 at 12:50 AM

The Transform Output Window displays information that is returned from a Transform server when a Transform is run.

It displays messages about which Transform has been run, the number of results returned from a Transform run, Transform warnings, as well as error information should something have goes wrong.

The image below labels the elements of the Transform Output window:

In the Transform Output Window, the button in the top-left-hand corner allows you to filter the different types of messages that are included in the Transform Output. Clicking on the filter button opens the window, shown below, that allow you to select the types of messages you wish to see in the Transform Output.

The Clear All button under the filter button can be used to clear all messages from the Transform Output to start with a fresh output window.

Each message that is returned in the Transform Output also includes a link to the Entity that caused the message to display. Clicking the link in the Transform Output will zoom to and select this Entity on your graph.

Right-clicking in the Transform output provides additional actions that can be performed on the text in the Transform Output.

The following can be performed from the Transform Output window context menu:

  • Filter Transform messages – This allows you to filter Transform messages according to their type.

  • Clear Transform messages – This allows you to clear all Transform output messages.

  • Find – This will open a search windows to search existing Transform messages. Text that matches the search will be highlighted as shown below:

  • Filter – This will add a text based filter to the transform message output where only messages that match the filter will be shown in the output:

  • Wrap text – this will wrap long messages onto new lines

  • Larger font – increased the font size

  • Smaller Font – decreases the font size

  • Save As – this option allows you to save your output to a text file.

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