The transform results slider is used to set the number of results returned when a transform is run. The numbers that the transform slider can be set to differs between the different versions of the of the Maltego client as follows:

  • Maltego CE: 12
  • Maltego Classic: 12, 50, 255, 10k
  • Maltego XL: 12, 255, 4k, 65k

The transform slider (i.e. the max number of results that can be returned to the Maltego client from a single transform) is one of the main differentiating factors between the different Maltego clients.

When set to the very left, Maltego will only show the top 12 results based on weight. One needs to understand the implications of these settings. Many transforms have no concept of weight. In fact, only search engine transforms uses weight as an indication of relevance. 

Think about the reverse DNS results for a class C network – it can potentially return 255 results – each of them with a weight value of 100 (the default value), as no one DNS entry is more important than the other. Setting the slider to 12 results will only show the first 12 results – useful for simply getting an idea of what in the network, but useless for enumerating ALL the reverse DNS information of the block. In the same way setting the slider to 255 results for a search engine transform (e.g. looking for someone specific but who has a very common name) is not clever as you will be flooded with results. You must be careful to understand how the slider works and spend time experimenting with it.

Please Note: When you do not see the amount of results that you expected to see, check how many results the transform result selector is set to return.