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Pasting Data

Modified on: Tue, 23 Jun, 2020 at 2:44 AM

When you paste text onto a graph, Maltego tries to identify the type of entity that is pasted from text. Consider the following example:
Paul Richards
082 361 4778
this is a phrase

Copying and pasting all the above text into Maltego leads to the following entities:

Note that the URL entity type displays the title of the URL not the entire URL (but the entity will work as expected as the full URL is stored as an entity property).

Specifying Entity Type

Keep in mind that Maltego will fail at recognition of complex entities in some cases (think phone numbers in unusual formats!) In these cases, you might want to tell Maltego what the entity type is. This can be done by prepending the entity value with the entity type. Consider the following text:

When the above is selected, and pasted it results in the following graph:

Entity types (e.g. what’s inserted before the #) can be obtained by dragging an entity to the graph and looking in the Detail View at the entity type description (highlighted in orange below):

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