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Base64 Entity Properties

Modified on: Thu, 25 Jan, 2024 at 5:32 AM


The Maltego 4.6.0 update brought support for Base64 Entity Properties.

Base64 Entity properties features:

  • Base64 Entity properties support: Whenever a file is dragged onto a graph, the Maltego Desktop Client will automatically populate a Base64 property for that file. This feature enables users to send binary content in Base64 encoded form to the Transform Server.
  • File Attachment to Entities: Investigators can attach a single file to an existing Entity and the Base64 property for that file will be set automatically. This not only simplifies your process but also allows more efficient data gathering and sharing.
  • Multiple Files Drag & Drop: Base64 Entity Properties are created for multiple files dragged & dropped onto the graph. The maximum Base64 Entity payload that can be sent to a Transform Server is 10 MB.
  • Rendering Base64 Image Entities: Transform Developers can create Transforms that send Base64 images as Entity properties to the Client. These images will be rendered directly within the Client, providing a seamless and integrated experience as you investigate and analyze data. Note: Images must be within the 1MB size limit to be successfully rendered.

Note: If you drag and drop, or attach a file larger than 1MB, the Base64 Entity Property will be set to an empty string.

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