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Managing Machines

Modified on: Tue, 26 Dec, 2023 at 11:54 PM

IMPORTANT: Maltego Machines are macros written using the Maltego Scripting Language - a custom scripting language developed to allow any user to build their own Machines.

Clicking Manage Machines will open the Machine Manager window which lists all the Machines that are currently in the Maltego Client. The image below provides labels for all buttons in the Machine Manager:

The list in the Machine Manager can be sorted by the following fields:

  • Checkbox to enable/disable the Machine in the Maltego client.
  • Name: the name of the Machine.
  • Status: is the Machine ready to be used.
  • Author: the person or company that built the Machine.
  • Description: a short description of what the Machine does.
  • Read-only: if a Machine is read-only then the Machine’s script cannot be edited by the user. All Machines that are installed from the Transform Hub are read-only and cannot be edited.

If you want to edit one of the Transforms that have been installed from a Transform Hub item, you can clone the Transform and then edit the clone as the original is read-only.

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