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Modified on: Sun, 17 Mar, 2024 at 7:06 PM

All custom configurations to a Maltego Client can be exported and imported to/from a configuration file that can be used to either back-up your configurations when re-installing your Maltego Client or if you wish to share your Maltego configurations with other users.

When exporting custom configurations, the following can be exported:

  • Transform Hub item:this will include all Transform Hub items that are installed the Maltego Client.
    • Note: the export will not include API keys that are stored in locally-installed Transform Hub items.
  • Entities: Custom and/or installed Entity types that are defined in the Maltego Client.
  • Local Transforms:This will export the Maltego configuration for local Transforms.
    • Note: local Transform scripts need to be backed up separately.
  • Transform Sets
  • Views
  • Icons
  • Services
  • Tabular mappings

Clicking the Export Config button will open the Export Wizard. To complete the Export Wizard, similar steps to export Entities can be taken. The only difference is that in the second step of the wizard, all the items listed above can be chosen for the export:

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