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Modified on: Wed, 10 Jan, 2024 at 11:07 PM

The Zoom tools in the Investigate tab include a range of shortcuts for zooming to different areas of a graph.

Zoom In/Out

You can use the Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons, or use the scroll wheel of the mouse to zoom in and out of the graph.

If you are using a notebook without a mouse (not recommended), you can use the buttons on the Investigate tab of the GUI. The Zoom In and Zoom Out buttons can be used in place of the scroll wheel on the mouse to navigate in and out of a graph:

Zoom To Fit

The Zoom to Fit button is convenient to quickly zoom and centre around the full graph (Ctrl + Q).

Zoom 100%

Zoom 100% will change the zoom level to 100%. The current zoom level of a graph is shown in top right-hand corner of the graph:

Zoom To (%)

Zoom To (%) has a dropdown menu that allows you to select a desired zoom level as a percentage.

Zoom Selection

Zoom to Selection can be used to quickly zoom and centre around your current selection on the graph. (Ctrl + W)

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