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Creating Manual Links

Modified on: Tue, 27 Feb, 2024 at 12:57 AM

Manual links can be established by left-clicking and holding on an unselected source Entity, then dragging a link to target Entity. This action is shown in the image below:

Once you release left-click on the target Entity, a link properties menu will appear that allows you to specify properties for the link.

The properties settings shown in the image above will result in the link below being created:

The label of the link is displayed on the link on your graph. Link labels can be set to be visible or invisible. When working with a large graph you might not want to show all the transform link labels, as things get confusing quick if you have a lot of link labels. By default, transform link labels are set to be invisible in global settings.

Link Detail and Property View

When a link is selected the Property View and Detail View will display additional information about the link. Link properties that are created by a Transform cannot be edited by the user, however, links that are created manually by the user can be edited.

In the Detail View, in the image above, it is shown that the link was manually created and it specifies the two Entities that the link exists between.

Note: The Detail View displays read-only information about the selection while Property View shows properties that can be edited by the user.

The Property View for the link shows the properties that were set at the time that the link was created. Each of these properties can be edited from the Property View window.

To set the properties of multiple links at once do the following:

  1. Select the links.
  2. Set the properties of the links in the Property View

From the Property View the style, thickness and color can also be configured. Link labels can be set to be visible or not – independent of the global settings. This is done by selecting the link/links and changing the Show Label field.

The Details window for a link can be opened by double-clicking on the Entity link just as the Detail window is opened for an Entity.

Link properties can also be edited from the Details window for the link in the second tab.

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