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Panning and Zooming

Modified on: Tue, 23 Jun, 2020 at 1:27 AM


To pan around your graph, right-click and hold while moving the mouse in the desired direction. You can also use the arrow keys to jump to the next entity in the graph. This is useful when navigating large graphs and is a lot faster than using the scroll bars.

You can move the visible frame (white box) around on the Overview window (top-right corner) using the mouse (left-click, drag) – the main graph window will update in real time. Depending on the zoom level the visible frame becomes larger (zoomed out) or smaller (zoomed in).


The mouse wheel can be used to zoom in and out of your graph. The zoom will always be based relative to the position of your mouse pointer on the graph. For example, if your mouse pointer was at the far left of a graph, zooming in would mean that the graph would be slowly moved to the left until the central point was where the mouse pointer was rather than the central point being that of the center of the graph.

There are two different ways entities are rendered on a graph depending on the zoom level. When zoomed closely into the graph, each entity will be represented as an entity icon with its value written beneath as shown in the image below:

When zooming out entities will become solid round circles where the color of the circle indicates the entity’s type. A color legend is then displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of the graph for each entity type on the graph:

Note that the colors are not always the same – e.g. the IP address entity will not always be orange. This happens because Maltego can be used with custom entities, and the number of entities used is not known to the program.

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