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Export Graph as XML

Modified on: Sun, 29 Nov, 2020 at 3:51 PM

There are three GraphML formats to which you can export:  

  • one used by Maltego, and;  

  • two for yEd and Gephi

Note: Unfortunately, the GraphML format is not standardized, with different applications using the format in a different way. There is no agreed way to store metadata within the XML file, and not even whether the y-axis runs from the top to the bottom, or the other way around. Therefore, more export formats with the same extension must be supported. 

The Save dialog presents the two new export formats along with the existing Maltego GraphML XML format. There is also a checkbox to select whether you want to export only the selected Entities.

Let’s import the GraphML exports into applications that support these formats. 

This is what the graph looks like in yEd: 

This is what the same graph looks like in Gephi:



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