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Modified on: Fri, 26 Jun, 2020 at 12:03 AM

The Generate Report button in Maltego creates a pdf report that contains all information about the current graph in a single document. As a Maltego report will contain all information about your graph, they can end up being very long. (i.e. a 30-Entity graph can easily generate a 20-page report)

Clicking Generate Report will open a save dialog where the filename and location can be provided:

In a Maltego report the following will be included:

  1. Image of the full graph
  2. Top 10 Entities: list of Entities ranked by the following features:
    1. Incoming Links
    2. Outgoing Links
    3. Total Links
  3. Entities by Type: List of Entities categorized by their type.
  4. Entity details:  Lists each Entity and includes all the information from the property view and detail view. The image below shows an example of one item from the Entity detail list:

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