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What are Maltego Data Subscriptions?

Modified on: Mon, 13 Jun, 2022 at 1:00 PM

Maltego Data Subscriptions

What is a data subscription and how can I get one?

Maltego data subscriptions are a subscription-based data integration option that allow investigators to purchase access to third-party data directly via Maltego’s web-shop or via our sales team according to usage requirements. Multiple options for subscription duration and Transform quotas are available.

What are the benefits of a data subscription?

Data subscriptions afford users the flexibility of paying for data according to usage requirements along with multiple options for subscription duration and Transform quotas. In addition, data subscriptions simplify the purchase process for users by unifying the source of access for both Maltego and its data integrations, both of which can be easily purchased in our web-shop or via our sales team.

For which data sources are data subscriptions available?

Currently, data subscriptions are available for Pipl, with more data sources coming soon. Access and pricing models for different data integrations can be explored at any time using the filter option within the Maltego Desktop Client or on our Transform Hub page. Please note that data subscriptions are applicable for specific data integrations purchased through the Maltego web-shop, and cannot be transferred to other data integrations.

What are the requirements to get data subscription access?

In general, a valid Maltego commercial license is a prerequisite for data subscription access. In order to use Maltego data subscriptions, you must first agree to the Maltego Technologies License Agreement, Maltego Technologies Data Integration Terms & Conditions, as well as data provider Terms of Use. Furthermore, each data subscription purchase is subject to a KYC vetting process according to the respective terms of use for the data in question. Due to the often-sensitive nature of data, access is generally reserved for vetted organizations with legitimate use cases commonly associated with organizations. Thus, after placing an order request in the web-shop or via our sales team, customers need to complete a KYC vetting process before the purchase can be completed and they can make use of the data subscription.

What are other options to access data in Maltego?

There are five options to access data via the Transform Hub within Maltego: Free, free trial, data subscriptions, paid connectors and bring your own key. To learn more about these options, read our blog post.

Can data subscription quotas be carried forward to the next period if they have not been used?

Transform quotas purchased by a customer as part of a data subscription cannot be carried forward to the next period of the data subscription . The remaining quota will expire on the day of the subscription expiry date. Quotas are specific to a data integration and cannot be transferred to other data integrations.

How can I check how much of my data subscription quota is remaining in a given period?

After every Transform query run, Maltego’s output window will display the number of Matches remaining for the period.

How can I install a Hub item with a data subscription?

You can install a Hub item with a data subscription just like any other Hub item from the Maltego Desktop Client’s Transform Hub and no API key is needed. Please note though that such Hub items are only available in the Transform Hub after a successful purchase of the data subscription and completion of the KYC vetting process. Only then you should be able to see and install the Hub item from the Transform Hub. In case this doesn’t work, please refresh the Transform Hub or restart the Maltego Desktop Client.

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