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Overview of Maltego Servers

Modified on: Fri, 3 May, 2024 at 11:05 AM


Maltego servers can be deployed within your organization enabling you to host your Transform servers on infrastructure you control rather than having your Transforms run over Maltego's infrastructure. An internal server gives you the ability to integrate with your internal data and leverage internal processes as well as distribute these Transforms across your enterprise.

Maltego offers three types of servers:

  • Standard Transforms Add-on (CTAS) Server: Maltego's Standard Transforms hosted within your organization.

    For more information please refer to What is a Standard Transforms Add-on (CTAS) Server?

  • iTDS (Internal Transform Distribution Server) – Distributes internally developed Transforms to access your own data sources and distribute them to your teams.
    For more information please refer to What is an iTDS?
  • Comms (Collaboration) Server – Collaborate with fellow investigators in real-time with shared graphs.

For more information please refer to What is a Comms Server?

Server Architecture

The following diagram shows a general setup of where the Maltego Desktop Client and Maltego servers will be set up within your infrastructure.

Note: Transform Hub item traffic flows through the internet.

If you are interested in purchasing any of our server solutions, please send us a price inquiry using this form. Please note that, unlike Desktop Client licenses, Maltego servers cannot be ordered online through our online gateway.

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