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What gets logged when I run a Transform?

Modified on: Wed, 8 May, 2024 at 4:20 AM

The following data is logged when Maltego users run a Transform:

  • Date and time of your Transform run request.
  • Source IP address (i.e. your public facing (WAN) IP address).
  • The Transform URL with query parameters (e.g.
  • The Transform which was requested (extracted from Transform URL query parameters, e.g. "TransformToRun=TransformName").
  • Maltego Desktop API Key, derived (one-way hash) from License Key. (e.g. "Key=1f22839f11f4bc1852a6"). This Key, commonly referred to as the Maltego API Key, can be used by Maltego Tech to link Transform execution to the license holder. This is done for statistical modeling and analysis.
  • User agent (E.g. Maltego CE 4.2.19 on Windows 10)
  • HTTP header information related to HTTP size, including body size.
  • The HTTP body (which contains the Maltego Entities sent to the Transform Server) is not recorded.

Note: Maltego does not log the queries sent or the returned results from a Transform run.

Read more about Maltego's Data Privacy Policies.

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