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What can I use Maltego for?

Modified on: Thu, 23 Jul, 2020 at 1:13 PM

Maltego can be used for the information gathering phase of all security related work. It will save you time and will allow you to work more accurately and smarter.

Maltego provides you with a much more powerful search, giving you smarter results. If access to "hidden" information determines your success, Maltego can help you to discover it.

Maltego aids in your thinking process by visually demonstrating interconnected links between searched items.

The focus of Maltego is analyzing real-world relationships between information that is publicly accessible on the Internet. This includes foot-printing Internet infrastructure as well as finding information about the people and organisation who own it.

Maltego can be used to determine the relationships between the following Entities:

  • People.
    • Names.
    • Email addresses.
    • Aliases.
  • Groups of people (social networks).
  • Companies.
  • Organizations.
  • Websites
  • Internet infrastructure such as:
    • Domains.
    • DNS names.
    • Netblocks.
    • IP addresses.
  • Affiliations.
  • Documents and files.

  • Connections between these pieces of information are found using open source intelligence (OSINT) techniques by querying sources such as DNS records, whois records, search engines, social networks, various online APIs and extracting meta data.

    Maltego provides results in a wide range of graphical layouts that allow for clustering of information which makes seeing relationships instant and accurate – this makes it possible to find hidden connections even if they are three or four degrees of separation apart.

Maltego is currently used by a variety of industries including law enforcement, internet companies, banking, and many more.

Get in touch with us to find out how to integrate Maltego in your environment.

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