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Maltego OpenCNAM Transforms

Modified on: Wed, 1 Dec, 2021 at 5:49 PM


OpenCNAM provides a simple caller ID service, just as the one you might find on your smartphone.

It thus provides an easy interface to try and enrich a phone number with a possible name for the owner. This is now available in Maltego in the form of the Lookup Phone Number [OpenCNAM] Transform.

You can read more about Maltego Standard Transforms here.

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Maltego OpenCNAM Transforms

Lookup phone number [OpenCNAM]


Uses the OpenCNAM API to retrieve a Person for a Phone Number.

Transform Settings

Display NameSetting TypeDefault ValueOptionalPopupAuthentication
OpenCNAM API Keystring TrueFalsetrue
OpenCNAM Account SIDstring TrueFalsetrue

Transform Meta Info

Display NameLookup phone number [OpenCNAM]
AuthorMaltego Technologies
Data SourceOpenCNAM
Transform Namemaltego.opencnam.lookup_phone_number
Input Entitiesmaltego.PhoneNumber
Output Entitiesmaltego.Person
Short DescriptionUses the OpenCNAM API to retrieve a Person for a Phone Number.

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