Import and Export Config is a feature that can share Maltego working environment from one client to another or take backups.
This environment includes the following:

  • Transform Hub Items
  • Entities
  • Local Transforms
  • Transform Sets
  • Viewlets
  • Machines
  • Icons
  • Services
  • Tabular Mappings

There are two methods of share this configuration (which will be discussed below in detail):

  • Sharing .mtz file directly.
  • Uploading .mtz file to iTDS.

Export .mtz file

First, we need to create an environment that we wish to share. This environment can be default i.e default icons, entities, viewlets, etc. Helpful in Air Gapped computers.

Let’s create a custom entity first by going to Entities > New Entity Type.

Fill in required details.

Why not add a Custom icon. You can also select any other from default icon.

To export the custom entity, click on Export Config found under Import | Export tab.

You can simply select All items to export everything, but I will select Custom Selection to see what is getting exported.

This is exactly we wanted. Click next.

Save the export file.

Export summary looks good. Click Finish.

Sharing the .mtz file

Method 1: Import configurations from the .mtz file directly.

To import .mtz file, you can click on Import Config found under Import | Export tab.

Import the file.

You can make selections before import. 

We have successfully imported our custom entity. 

Method 2: Uploading .mtz file to iTDS.    

Go to iTDS Admin UI and click Paired Configurations

Add new Paired Configuration and attach it to a seed.

Now go to Seeds in Admin UI.

Copy the seed.

Add the seed to Maltego desktop client.

Install the new hub item.

We have successfully imported our custom entity via iTDS.