Set up the TDS

Modified on: Thu, 18 Jun, 2020 at 2:35 AM

In a production environment you can choose to use a public and freely available TDS that is hosted by Paterva, or an internal (iTDS) that runs on your own infrastructure.

The Public TDS requires that the Transform Server itself is accessible from the Internet. Conversely, the iTDS requires that you configure access to the server as necessary.

The interface for the public TDS and iTDS are very similar, the main difference is that for the public TDS you must register an account on the server hosted on Paterva's infrastructure while for the iTDS you will host a copy of the server yourself on physical infrastructure of your choosing.

Note: You could deploy the Transform Server and the TDS on the same virtual or physical instance, though we recommend separating them to be more resilient to future updates

Setting up a Public TDS

The Public TDS is hosted on Paterva’s infrastructure, at Select the “Register now” option to register a new user and follow the instructions.

Once authenticated to the TDS you’ll see three sections in the interface:

Setting up an Internal TDS (iTDS)

The iTDS is distributed as an Ubuntu VM or a Docker image. These license packages will be accompanied with information on how to deploy them.

Detailed instruction on setting up an iTDS can be accessed here:

The next articles will guide you in configuring a set of sample Transforms, and registering them on a TDS.

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