Our servers have been distributed as Docker images from October 2018 onward. We believe that moving our servers to Docker containers will allow for easier deployment, distribution and maintenance.

We provide two docker methods for Server Deployment:

  1. Using *.ova virtual machine file with pre-installed docker containers, the necessary docker images and the docker-compose file.
  2. Using Docker images downloaded from our registry on any operating system using (*.yml).

Hardware Requirements

The servers require at least 2GB of RAM. This is the only real requirement in terms of hardware. Most current processors will have more than enough processing power. 5GB of disk space should be sufficient space for the server.

Read Network Requirements here: https://docs.maltego.com/support/solutions/articles/15000015026-networking-requirements

Software Requirements

  • VMWare or Virtualbox capable of running the ova file given.

SSH Details 

Username: maltego

Password: tasx

You can SSH onto the server using the default SSH port (22).

Starting the server

All required services should start as soon as the virtual machine has booted. You can navigate to https://{{ server IP }}/  in order to access the UI for activating your server.

Follow the instructions below to start configuring your new server: 

Additional info:

  • The docker images will already be downloaded onto your VM and containers should start by default at boot.
  • The required docker-compose file will already be in the /home/maltego/ folder.