Add Maltego-TRX transforms to Maltego Desktop Client via iTDS

Modified on: Fri, 12 Jun, 2020 at 3:21 PM

Maltego-TRX library is used to rapidly develop transform in a fast-paced organization. Using inbuilt discovery protocol these transforms can be seamlessly added to iTDS and then distributed to Maltego Desktop Clients using seeds in a manageable fashion with the least complexity. 

This document contains the steps to add Local Transforms written using Maltego-TRX library to iTDS and then distributing these transforms to Maltego Desktop Clients using seeds.

Step 1: Setup Maltego-TRX Server

Setup Maltego-TRX server using any one of the methods given below:

  1. Setting up a Development Environment
  2. Deploy Production Environment

Step 2:  Find the Transform URL

Find the URL of each transform in the following example project structure:

         └── transforms

Use this command to list all available transform:

cd /var/www/TRX/
python list

You should receive a similar output:

= Transform Server URLs =
/run/dnstoip/: DNSToIP
/run/greetperson/: GreetPerson

= Local Transform Names =
dnstoip: DNSToIP
greetperson: GreetPerson

We will be using the DNSToIP transform by copying "/run/dnstoip/" from line 3.

The complete transform URL then will become:

"" being server IP or hostname

Step 3: Add iTDS Seed

After setting up iTDS, create an empty seed by going to "iTDS Admin UI" > Seeds > Add Seed

Step 4: Add Transform to iTDS

Add transform URL by going to  "iTDS Admin UI" > Transforms > Add Transform.

Step 5: Install Seed

Copy seed and add it to Maltego Desktop Client.

"iTDS Admin UI" > Seeds > "Copy"

Maltego > Transform Hub > Add Transform Seed > Click OK.

Click on Install and then Yes to install the seed.

Click Finish.

Step 6:

Test by dropping a DNSName entity on to a graph and then right-click > TRX Seed Transforms > TRX DNSToIP to get IPv4Address output entity.

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