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A Transform Seed is used to bundle Transforms and their settings together. 

The Maltego Desktop Client uses the Seed's URL to discover Transforms and Paired Configurations. Paired Configurations contain Entities, Icons, Transforms Sets and Machines from the iTDS.

Before we add any Transforms to the iTDS we need to create a Transform Seed. Transform Seeds are often to referred to as Hub Items, and the terms can be used interchangeably.

Add a new Seed 

A new Seed can be created by clicking on the Add Seed button at the bottom left corner of the Seeds list page. 

The different fields for adding a Seed are described below:

  • Seed Name: This is a mandatory field requiring a unique alpha-numeric name for the Seed. This is the human-readable name that will be shown to the user.
  • Seed URL: This is a mandatory field requiring a unique alpha-numeric string which will be a part of the actual Seed URL given to the Maltego Desktop Client.  
  • Seed Paired Configuration: This is an optional field. It allows you to upload a paired configuration file (.mtz) that was exported from the Desktop Client. For now, this can be left as "None".
  • Transforms: This is an optional setting. You can add zero or more Transforms from your iTDS to a Seed. A Transform can be added to multiple Seeds at a time. As we have not added any Transforms yet, this field can be left empty.

Click Add Seed and then return to the Seed list page.

Seed List

From the Seed list page, you will see your newly added Seed:

Above the table you will see a Filter Table option to search for Seeds on this instance of the server. 

The Seed list table contains the following columns:

  • Name: The unique alpha-numeric Seed name of the Seed. 
  • URI-Name: A unique URI name that is a part of the actual Seed.  
  • URL: The complete URL of the Seed. This is the URL that can be used to install the Transform Seed.
  • Copy Button: This button will copy the URL in clipboard and the browser will notify you. 
  • Paired Configuration: A Seed can be added with the client configuration. This configuration will be distributed to all Desktop Clients which install this Seed. 
  • Transform List: Clicking the information button will display a list of all Transforms added to this Seed. 
  • Edit Seed: Clicking the Edit Seed button will take you to the edit page for that Seed. 
  • Delete: Clicking the Delete button will delete the Seed following confirmation.

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