Paired Configuration

Modified on: Thu, 17 Nov, 2022 at 3:22 PM


Paired configuration is used to share the Maltego Desktop Client's working environment with the users who install Transforms from the iTDS. The exported config file (.mtz) to be uploaded to this page can be generated using the Export Config feature from the Maltego Desktop Client. 

This exported config file can include the following: 

  • Custom Entities
  • Icons
  • Transform Sets 
  • Machines.

Add Paired Configuration to your iTDS

To add a new Paired Configuration, click on the Add Paired Configuration button at bottom left corner of the paired configuration list page. You will land on the page shown below:

The following fields can be set when adding a new paired configuration:

  • Configuration Name: Add a unique alpha-numeric name for the configuration. 
  • Configuration File: Choose .mtz config file to be uploaded. 
  • Seeds: Select all the Seeds that you want this config file to be attached with. 

Click the Add Configuration button to upload the file and save changes. Any Transform Seed attached to the paired configuration will include the .mtz config file when the Seed is discovered in a Maltego Client.

A full example of configuring a paired configuration with an iTDS is explained the the Development guide here: Paired Configurations.

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