What is a Transform Distribution Server (TDS)?

Modified on: Thu, 23 Mar, 2023 at 6:02 PM

A Transform Distribution Server (TDS), is a server to which all Maltego Desktop Clients require access. The TDS lies between the Maltego users and the Transform Server and has the dual responsibility of relaying the configuration of Transforms back to the connected users, as well as passing the Transform requests and results to and from the Transform Server. The TDS is typically the bridge between the user-accessible network and the secure data environment.

The TDS provides the following configurations to each connected Maltego client:

  1. Transforms (and each one's individual configuration requirements)
  2. Custom Entity definitions

  3. Transform Sets (groups of Transforms that can be run at the same time)

  4. Machine Scripts (to automate Transform execution)

  5. Viewlets (to add additional visualization options for the user)

All these configurations will be explained in detail further along in this guide.

There are two types of TDS:

  1. Public TDS - A Public TDS residing on the internet
  2. Internal TDS (iTDS) - An internal (iTDS) residing on the end-user's infrastructure

A Standard Transforms Add-on (CTAS) server is a separate Maltego product which is configured with pre-written Transforms and does not require a separate Transform Server.

Reference: What is a Standard Transforms Add-on CTAS server?

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