TDS Transform Description and Disclaimer

Modified on: Tue, 16 Jun, 2020 at 4:37 AM

By using a TDS to distribute Transforms, developers are able to add descriptions and disclaimers. These are both mandatory fields which require acceptance from users in order to run the Transforms.

Descriptions and disclaimers are added per Transform. To start, add a new Transform or edit an existing Transform by navigating to the Admin UI > Transforms > Add/Edit Transform > Edit Meta Data.

The following screenshot shows a popup taken from the latest version of the iTDS.

In addition to adding descriptions and disclaimers to the Transform, other relevant data can be added. Refer to the below points for a complete list:

  • Transform Owner (Optional) - Name of the developer/development team/organization etc.
  • Transform Author (Optional) - Name or email address of the developer/development team/organization etc.
  • Disclaimer (Optional) - The Transform disclaimer.
  • Description (Optional) - The Transform description.
  • Version (Optional) - Transform version.
  • Debug - Checking this box will send any errors reported by the Transform server to the Maltego Desktop Client in the Output Window. This is for development and testing purposes. Leave unchecked for production.

Add Transform MetaData

Note: The following example uses an iTDS and DNSToIP Transform which is covered in Example 1: DNSToIP TDS Transform

Fill in the applicable details in the Edit Transform Meta popup and save the Transform.

Transform MetaData:

Transform Owner (optional)
Maltego Developers
Transform Author (optional)
Disclaimer (optional)
By running this Transform you agree to our License Agreement. The complete License Agreement can be accessed here:
Description (optional)
This Transform will resolve the input DNS Name to its IPv4 Address.
Version (optional)

Running Transform

Install/refresh the Seed in the client and hover of the Transform. You should see the tooltip showing the Transform description.

Running the Transform will display a popup prompting the addition of Required inputs.


Click on I accept the above disclaimer and click Run!. You can also click on Remember these settings if you prefer not to be prompted to accept the disclaimer again.

The Transform will then be run.

Transform Manager

You can also view the disclaimer and description directly within the Transform Manager under the Transforms Tab

The following screenshot shows the status as "Disclaimer not accepted" when the disclaimer is not accepted.

To view or accept the disclaimer manually, click on the View disclaimer button.

The status will change to "Ready" when the Disclaimer is accepted.

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