For ITDS transform, an API key cannot be set the way it is set for usual hub items. The function is only applicable for official hub items. i.e. it won’t work for transforms that are manually added to the Maltego transform hub. However, there is a simple workaround to quickly set all API keys:

  1. Select “Transforms” from the Main Menu
  2. Select “Transform Manager”

  3. Select “Transform Servers”

  4. Expand the relevant transform server, e.g. “CipherTrace Crypto”

  5. Select all transforms linked to this server by holding the shift key and selecting all transforms.

  6. Right click to reveal a “Properties” button. Click it.

  7. Enter the relevant API Key in the relevant Transform Hub Settings field. E.g. Value of “X” in the “CipherTrace Authorization” setting.
  8. Click the “Close” button to save.
  9. Close the “Close” button to close the “Transform Manager