Clicking the Transform Hub button under the "Transforms" tab will navigate to the Transform Hub page that shows all the different transform providers.

Maltego’s flexibility, when it comes to integrating external data, has resulted in many data vendors choosing to use Maltego as a data delivery platform for their users. The Transform Hub is built into each Maltego client and allows Maltego users to easily install transforms built by different data providers. The commercial Maltego client is shown in the image below:

Transform Hub Items

Each item on the transform hub is called a Transform hub Item and consists of the following:

When the transform hub item is hovered over with your mouse, the item will change to show the following options if the item is installed:

Installing an Item

To install a new transform hub item simply click the Install button found when the mouse pointer is over the item:

Then there will be an installation confirmation dialog:

Then asked to enter any authentication credentials if required. It also change this later

Clicking Yes will lead to the installing wizard which will take a few seconds to install:

Once the transform hub item is finished installing there will be an installation summary page that lists everything that was installed:

Note: It is not just transforms that are installed from a transform hub item. Any one or more of the items in the list below can be installed to the Maltego client when installing a new transform hub item.

  1. Transforms
  2. Transform Sets
  3. Entities
  4. Machines
  5. Icons

Once the installation is complete, the new transform hub item will be found in the context menu when running transforms and the hub item will be shown as installed on the transform hub:

Item Settings

Some of the transform hub items will have a Settings button when the item is hovered over:

Clicking the Settings button will open the Transform Seed Settings window that is used to set global settings that will be used for all transforms in the hub item. These settings are often used for commercial transform hub items to manage API keys.

Uninstalling an Item

Uninstalling transforms from the transform hub can be done simply by clicking the Uninstall button on the hub item:

Note: Entities that are added from a transform hub item will not be deleted when the transform hub item is uninstalled. This is because often transform hub item’s use some of the same entities.

Updating/Refreshing the Hub

In the top left-hand corner of the transform hub there are two buttons:

  • Refresh Transform Hub: This button will update any changes made to transform hub items that are already installed to a Maltego client. This update will also intermittently automatically update itself.
  • Update Transforms: This button refreshes the installed transforms for any changes that are made. The transform hub will also intermittently automatically refresh itself.

Manually Adding a Hub item

To manually add a new transform hub item to a Maltego client click the plus (+) button in the top left-hand corner of the transform hub.

After clinking the plus (+) button the Add Transform Seed window will open as shown below. The transform seed URL and other meta details for the transform seed can be added as shown in the image below:

After clicking OK, the transform seed will appear as a new transform hub item in the transform hub:

Clicking Install will add the transforms to the Maltego client.