Update Docker Images

We recommend that our client always download the latest docker-compose files directly from our website, to ensure they are using the correct configuration to run our server. You can download the latest versions of the compose files here:

Replace your old docker-compose file with the updated file downloaded. Then run the commands below in the folder containing the compose file.

To download latest image you need to first log into our registry using this command:

docker login registry.paterva.com       #credentials in delivery email

Note: Password will be hidden when logging in. Use sudo if required for docker commands.

You can pull the updated server images by running the "pull" command:

docker-compose -f itds.yml pull        #Pull latest iTDS image from registry.paterva.com

docker-compose -f ctas.yml pull        #Pull latest CTAS image from registry.paterva.com

You can then restart the server by running the "up" command to restart the server using the new images.

docker-compose -f itds.yml up         #to run iTDS server in foreground 

docker-compose -f ctas.yml up         #to run CTAS server in foreground

To run the server in the background, use the following command:

docker-compose -f itds.yml up -d       #to run iTDS server in background 

docker-compose -f ctas.yml up -d       #to run CTAS server in background 

Download a new VM

If you cannot pull new docker images due to network restrictions, you can download a new VM containing the updated docker images.

The download link given in your delivery PDF will always point to the latest server image, and can be used again to download the updated VM.