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Modified on: Thu, 29 Jun, 2023 at 3:28 PM

iTDS Version 4.2.5

Release date: 18 April 2023

  • FIXED: Migration path from 4.1.1 to 4.2.x 
  • IMPROVED: Faster start-up
  • IMPROVED: Various UI elements 

iTDS 4.2.5 OVA File Checksums











iTDS Version 4.2.4

  • FIXED: Migration from 3.1.x

iTDS 4.2.4 OVA File Checksums

maltego-itds-4.2.4-2023-03-13.ova MD53e6c42fafab0607544e0ab71a3c827a8

iTDS Version 4.2.3

  • FIXED: A number of vulnerabilities reported in containers have been resolved through rebuilding the containers based on updated base images.
  • IMPROVED: Updated to MySQL-8.
  • FIXED: JavaScript CVEs.
  • CHANGED: PHP container logging redirected to STDERR.

iTDS Version 4.2.0

  • ADDED: A full backup of the server configuration can be made to a single ZIP file at the click of a button. This backup ZIP file can be used to restore the server to a previous state.
  • ADDED: Output Entities can now be specified when adding a Transform.
  • CHANGED: The iTDS Admin interface now runs on port 8000 while the Transform Runner continues to run on 443. This has been done so that customers can add a firewall to the Admin User Interface.
  • CHANGED: We have further restricted the SSL cipher suites that can be used in Apache config.
  • CHANGED: Content-Security-Policy header has been updated to include the frame-ancestors option.
  • CHANGED: The Set-Cookie header has been changed to always include the secure attribute.

iTDS 4.2.0 OVA File Checksums


iTDS Version 4.1.1

  • ADDED: TRANSFORM_TIMEOUT environmental variable which can be used to set the Transform timeout.

iTDS 4.1.1 OVA File Checksums


iTDS Version 4.1.0

  • ADDED: Moved all secrets to environmental variables that can be set from the docker-compose file.
  • ADDED: Decoupled PHP and Apache into separate containers to comply with best practices of having one process per container.
  • ADDED: Made PHP container stateless by removing volume mounts.
  • ADDED: Created least-privileged user for each container to run with.
  • ADDED: Updated networking configuration to support K8s networking.

iTDS Version 4.0.0

  • ADDED: New CSV export/import.
  • From the list view of each iTDS section, a CSV backup can be exported and imported.
  • REMOVED: Legacy backup system.
    • The old backup and restore functionality has been removed in favor of the new CSV import and export.
  • ADDED: Verify SSL Optional on Transform URL.
  • ADDED: Download link for paired configuration.
  • ADDED: Navbar links for easier navigation.
  • FIXED: URL path starts at web root instead of /iTDS/.
  • IMPROVED: Home page layout and descriptions are improved.
  • ADDED: Created and updated timestamps have been added to each saved object. This is shown in the list view.
  • FIXED: Database schema is improved by adding correct foreign key constraints and column indexes.
  • ADDED: Integer, Double, Boolean, Date, DateTime, DateRange data types have been added to Transform Settings.
  • ADDED: New Maltego default Entities have been added.
  • FIXED: Updated container OS dependencies.
  • FIXED: Increased Transform timeout to 2 minutes and upload timeout to 5 minutes.
  • FIXED: Allow punctuation in Transform name.
  • ADDED: Selection on rows in list view.
  • ADDED: Automatically close to alerts after 4 seconds.
  • FIXED: Removed PHP version of http headers.
  • FIXED: Issue when Transform URL error not showing up.
  • FIXED: Removed Seed requirement for creating a Transform.
  • FIXED: XML parsing issue with OAuth settings.
  • ADDED: Image validation for the OAuth Icon.
  • FIXED: Debug Status on Transform Metadata is Not Saved when Adding or Editing.


iTDS 4.0.0 and 4.0.1 OVA File Checksums


iTDS Version 3.1.1

IMPORTANT NOTICE TO ITDS 3.X USERS: The time has come to announce end of life for our iTDS 3.x versions.

Though this will not affect your current iTDS setup, we would like to bring to your attention that from the 1st of March 2024, we will no longer be providing technical support for iTDS versions 3.x, nor will we be designing update paths from 3.x to 4.x and higher versions.

Instructions for Upgrading iTDS 3.x to 4.x can be found here.

We have made numerous advancements in the development of our iTDS server since our 3.x versions which we're sure you will find beneficial. You can read more about these new features, tweaks, and fixes in the most recent release notes at the top of this page.

Should you require any additional information or assistance upgrading, please do not hesitate to reach out to our Support Team using this form or by emailing
  • ADDED: Improved performance of server

    • Moved from mod_php to php_fpm which handles concurrency better.

    • Moved TKS (Transform key server) from a http call to function call.

    • Stopped session cookies from being created on Transform endpoints

  • FIXED: Backup Restore Fails due to size of backup file greater than 20 mb. (Same issue with Transform configurations.)

  • FIXED: URLs entered in the OAuth form were being html encoded resulting in & becoming & which broke the OAuth flow.
  • FIXED: Added CSRF token to license activation page.

    • This required that the activation page be moved into the CodeIgniter application. Before it was a separate vHost.

  • FIXED: Merged two implementations of the TKS into a single model in the CodeIgniter application.

  • REMOVED: Removed sample Transforms that were included with the server by default.

    • This is to prevent customer from building their Transforms on the iTDS server.

  • FIXED: added a timeout to the HTTP call that tests a Transform when the Transform is being saved. 

    • This is to prevent the page from hanging when an broken transform URL is entered.

  • ADDED Detailed error messages when Transform tests fails.

  • CHANGED: Apache configuration files were modified are part of some of the above fixes.

iTDS 3.1.1 OVA File Checksums

maltego-itds-3.1.1-2020-05-22.ovaMD5 fd6713403dd89ca3ebb92cd9603a4d49

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