Deploying a Virtual Machine Image

Modified on: Wed, 22 Mar, 2023 at 6:44 PM

Note: Release 3.2.0 OVA Image is available on request. Reach out via or write to us at

If you choose not to deploy the Docker containers for the CTAS as outlined in the previous article, and once you have obtained an OVA image from support, you can deploy the virtual machine image using the hypervisor of your choice given that it can import virtual machine images in OVA format. If not supported, please refer to the instructions for your hypervisor to guide you through the conversion of OVA file format to the compatible format.

Please note that using OVA images for Maltego Server deployment is a legacy option and some older version of VMWare ESXi are known to cause issues importing Maltego Server OVA images.


Once the server is running on your hypervisor, all the required services will start as soon as the virtual machine has booted.

The CTAS web interface can be accessed using the virtual machine's IPv4 address or the DNS Name. e.g., https://{{ Server IPv4 or DNS Name}}/

SSH Access to the Server

Once the server is running on your hypervisor, you can SSH onto it with the following default credentials:


Username: maltego

Password: tasx

Port: 22


Warning: The default password should be changed the first time you run the server and the SSH port should not be accessible from the Internet.

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