Release Notes - Standard Transforms Add-on (CTAS) Server

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Version 3.2.0 - Standard Transforms Add-on (CTAS) Server

Release date: 27 March 2023

Welcome to the 3.2.0 Release of our Maltego Standard Transforms Add-on (CTAS) Server. Some of the key highlights include:



  • IPQS Transforms. 
  • MST Security Trails Transforms. 
  • WHOISXML IP Netblock Transforms. 
  • Shodan Internet DB Transforms 


Note: IPQS, Security Trails, WhoisXML, and IP Netblocks all require API Keys. Please refer to the API Keys section here.


  • Standard Entities



  • FlickrAccountGetFriends  
  • toAliasFromTwitterAccount  
  • AffTwitterToLocation  
  • AffTwitterToPerson   
  • toSitesIdentifier  
  • WebsiteToWebsite_Thumb 
  • Robtex Transforms
    • ASNumberToCompany 
    • ASNumberToNetblocks 
    • DomainToDomain_TLD 
    • IPAddressToDNSName_SharedIP 
    • IPAddressToDomain_SharedMX 
    • IPAddressToDomain_SharedNS 
    • IPAddressToNetblock_NS4block 
    • IPAddressToNetblock_SS 
    • MXRecordToDomain_SharedMX 
    • NetblockToAS_SS 
    • NetblockToDNSName_SS 
    • NSrecordToDomain_SharedNS 
    • NSrecordToNetblock_NS4block

Updates to Machines

  • Company Stalker 
    • Removed Email To Flickr Account Transform 
    • Removed Email To My Space Account Transform 
  • Person - Email Address 
    • Removed Person to Email Address Common Transform 
  • URL To Network and Domain Information 
    • Removed Netblock to AS Transform

Removed Machines

  • Footprint L1
  • Footprint L2
  • Footprint L3
  • Footprint XXL 



  • All related application dependencies.
  • Updated Paterva references to Maltego Technologies 
  • All Transforms updated with an onprem namespace and [On Premise] display prefix. Refer to the Screenshots section.  
  • DNS To IP Address [DNS] Transform return IPv6 addresses.


  • All Machines have been updated with an "onprem" namespace and [On Premise] display prefix. Refer to Screenshots section.  

Server Components

  • Django updated from 4.0.1 to 4.1.7
  • Postgres updated from 10 to 13

Shared API Key Configuration

  • Shared API Keys to be set in API Keys JSON file. The method of setting API keys as environment variables is no longer supported.



  • 100% CPU Usage for PGP, Wikimedia, Builtwith, MST-HTTP, MST-PROPS Transform Servers


Known Issues

  • Robtex Transforms are not functional as the API is not responsive.  
  • IMPORTANT: As all Transform names have been updated, custom Machines will need to be updated with the new prefix .onprem. Custom Machines with the old names will not work any longer. 




Graphical user interface

Description automatically generated 

Figure 1 Transform Run Context 



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Figure 2 Machine Manager 


Graphical user interface, text

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Figure 3 All Transforms Listing 


Version 3.1.4 - Standard Transforms Add-on (CTAS) Server

Release date: 12 October 2022

  • FIXED: Increased password length requirement to 9 characters. 
  • FIXED: Set cookies header includes secure attribute. 
  • FIXED: Frame-ancestors policy added to the CSP headers.

Version 3.1.3 - Standard Transforms Add-on (CTAS) Server

  • FIXED: Issue with 100% CPU usage - replace async with on-demand logic.

Standard Transforms Add-on (CTAS) Server 3.1.3 OVA File Checksums

maltego-ctas-3.1.3_2022-03-30.ovaMD5   67cfc55c7d4e27ac677b106cc144003a
SHA256   013fe5a5700cd4e25e8d3fe3ab68ce6166d0b6672f843688c4e3a6b28a52d242

Version 3.1.2 - Standard Transforms Add-on (CTAS) Server

  • UPDATED: Updated to Django 4.
  • UPDATED: All related application dependencies.
  • FIXED: Issue with runner not honoring custom port.
  • UPDATED: NGINX configuration hardened (CSP, HSTS headers added and stricter TLS requirement).

Standard Transforms Add-on (CTAS) Server 3.1.2 OVA File Checksums

maltego-ctas-3.1.2-2022-01-28.ovaMD5   3f9f1fa20cc31afac4f80d5268fff446
SHA256   729c34cb1402f933e41065487e18ad74127dcf8948adca244fdd110b8b96605b
maltego-ctas-3.1.2-2022-02-24.ovaMD5   33a80fe3a31bd67eb1628bd8e07a49f5
SHA256   29e266176e8af5154d71eb417e123758fc8a6466e075c89725864eaf19ceb6db

Version 3.1.0 - Standard Transforms Add-on (CTAS) Server

  • ADDED: Moved all secrets to environmental variables that can be set from the docker-compose file.
  • ADDED: Decoupled Python and Nginx into separate containers to comply with best-practice of having one process per container.
  • ADDED: Created least-privileged user for each container to run with.
  • ADDED: Updated networking configuration to support K8s networking.
  • ADDED: Updated API key sharing mechanism so that API keys can be set from environmental variables.
  • REMOVED: Admin UI for configuring API keys.
  • ADDED: Changed the build process for registering Transforms with the dispatcher to ensure no runtime dependency issues.
  • REMOVED: CTAS PGP Transforms.
  • REMOVED: CTAS BuiltWith Transforms.
  • REMOVED: CTAS Wikipedia Transforms.
  • ADDED: JINX PGP Transforms.
  • ADDED: JINX BuiltWith Transforms.
  • ADDED: JINX Wikipedia Transforms.

Standard Transforms Add-on (CTAS) Server 3.0.X to 3.1.X OVA File Checksums

SHA256 23c83ee3f9c67cf1e5347c13bd98cdc7a048c42bba3c9e1d538cce84e88c3316
SHA256   20240b51e35af57bd22863c5437c625c3b7f181cef3ab63fafd361b50683f1f6
maltego-ctas-3.0.12-2021-03-03.ovaMD5  ae389385e46a9ec5c08d8c0b9b877372
SHA256  0b7dd67bf6cb5c481d6fb23ac4858696a195089b838ce848a896c9c46b8d0066 
maltego-ctas-3.1.1-2021-12-15.ovaMD5  d2b2cbdcbeb0c8fa05b74447b5333f70
SHA256   b0ff8a113269f1916af48a54e456275fcc209681e4e814d184d70b1eafbbf860
maltego-ctas-3.1.1-2021-12-20.ovaMD5   1fd4f1158d0fcb852b2c0be5ddf016ae
SHA256   c6f3b86cf1b8da7a6971f6acec29d17915a9e70e20d9e7b931b20dcfa68aeecb

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