3.2.0 Release Notes - Standard Transforms Add-on (CTAS) Server

Modified on: Wed, 15 Mar, 2023 at 6:09 PM

Welcome to the 3.2.0 Release of our Maltego Standard Transforms Add-on (CTAS) Server. Some of the key highlights include:



  • IPQS Transforms. 
  • MST Security Trails Transforms. 
  • WHOISXML IP Netblock Transforms. 
  • Shodan Internet DB Transforms 


Note: IPQS, Security Trails, WhoisXML, and IP Netblocks all require API Keys. Please refer to the API Keys section here.


  • Standard Entities 



  • FlickrAccountGetFriends  
  • toAliasFromTwitterAccount  
  • AffTwitterToLocation  
  • AffTwitterToPerson   
  • toSitesIdentifier  
  • WebsiteToWebsite_Thumb 
  • Robtex Transforms
    • ASNumberToCompany 
    • ASNumberToNetblocks 
    • DomainToDomain_TLD 
    • IPAddressToDNSName_SharedIP 
    • IPAddressToDomain_SharedMX 
    • IPAddressToDomain_SharedNS 
    • IPAddressToNetblock_NS4block 
    • IPAddressToNetblock_SS 
    • MXRecordToDomain_SharedMX 
    • NetblockToAS_SS 
    • NetblockToDNSName_SS 
    • NSrecordToDomain_SharedNS 
    • NSrecordToNetblock_NS4block



  • Company Stalker 
    • Removed Email To Flickr Account Transform 
    • Removed Email To My Space Account Transform 
  • Person - Email Address 
    • Removed Person to Email Address Common Transform 
  • URL To Network and Domain Information 
    • Removed Netblock to AS Transform


  • Footprint L1
  • Footprint L2
  • Footprint L3
  • Footprint XXL 



  • All related application dependencies. 
  • Updated Paterva references to Maltego Technologies 
  • All Transforms updated with an onprem namespace and [On Premise] display prefix. Refer to the Screenshots section.  
  • DNS To IP Address [DNS] Transform return IPv6 addresses.


  • All Machines have been updated with an "onprem" namespace and [On Premise] display prefix. Refer to Screenshots section.  

Server Components

  • Django updated from 4.0.1 to 4.1.7
  • Postgres updated from 10 to 13

Shared API Key Configuration

  • Shared API Keys to be set in API Keys JSON file. The method of setting API keys as environment variables is no longer supported.



  • 100% CPU Usage for PGP, Wikimedia, Builtwith, MST-HTTP, MST-PROPS Transform Servers 


Known Issues

  • Robtex Transforms are not functional as the API is not responsive.  
  • IMPORTANT: As all Transform names have been updated, custom Machines will need to be updated with the new prefix .onprem. Custom Machines with the old names will not work any longer. 




Graphical user interface

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Figure 1 Transform Run Context 



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Figure 2 Machine Manager 


Graphical user interface, text

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Figure 3 All Transforms Listing 


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