Deploying with Docker

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The Collaboration (Comms) Server is available as a Docker image. 

These setup instructions were tested on an Ubuntu 20.04 LTS host using IPv4. Instructions may differ slightly depending on your preferred host operating system and network configuration. 

Note: The instructions below should be executed from the host server through console or a SSH session. Commands have to be executed with elevated user privileges (e.g. “sudo” or with the “root” user) if the logged in user is not in `docker` group.

Software Requirements

The host machine running the Docker containers will need to have the following dependencies installed:

Starting the Server

After you have installed Docker and Docker Compose on your Host machine, follow the steps below:

Step 1: Login to Paterva's Docker registry

To download the latest Docker images you first need to log into our Docker registry using the following command:

docker login

Enter the Collaboration (Comms) Server Docker Registry username and password as specified in the Delivery document.

Note: If the delivery document contains multiple server licenses, the password is different per server license.

Step 2: Downloading Docker Compose YAML file

Your delivery document includes a link to a Docker Compose YAML file (comms.yml) that can be used to deploy the Collaboration (Comms) Server. You will need to either copy the Docker Compose YAML file or directly download it onto the machine that will be running the Docker containers.

Note: It is recommended that you always run the docker-compose commands from the same directory as the docker-compose YAML file. Please copy the docker-compose YAML file to it’s own directory (e.g. /var/maltego/ or /home/maltego/), and run all future commands from this directory.

You can use either of the following commands to download the YAML file directly on to the host machine (you may need "write permissions" if downloading to a system directory).

wget -O comms.yml


curl -o comms.yml

Step 3: Start the server

The Collaboration Server Docker image will be pulled from Paterva's Docker Registry. Once the image is pulled, the container will start running automatically in Detached mode (-d). 

Docker Compose Version: 20.10.15 and above. Reference:

docker compose -f <filename> up -d

Docker Compose Version: 20.10.14 and below. Reference:

docker-compose -f comms.yml up -d

Please take note that no configuration or setting changes are required to use the Collaboration Server. 

You can now access the Admin web interface to change the default password, using the host machine's IPv4 address or DNS Name on either port 9090 or 9091. e.g., http://{{ Server IPv4 or DNS Name }}:9090/ or https://{{ Server IPv4 or DNS Name }}:90901/ 

The default username and password are "admin" and "admin". Either change the password or remove access to the Admin Web Interface by not exposing the Admin Web Interface ports. 

Please refer to the code snippet from the comms.yml file to see how to remove access to the Admin Web Interface.

Please take note that no configuration or setting changes are required to use the Collaboration (Comms) Server.


#- 9090:9090 # Comment or delete entry to disable access to Admin Web Interface.     
#- 9091:9091 # Comment or delete entry to disable access to Admin Web Interface.
- 5222:5222 # Port is used by the Maltego Desktop Client.

If there is a need to change the default docker-compose YAML file, then please refer to this article: Customizing the Docker-Compose file

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