Adding your Standard Transform Add-on (CTAS) Server to the Maltego Desktop Client

Modified on: Wed, 22 Mar, 2023 at 7:26 PM

After activation of your Standard Transform Add-on (CTAS) Server, you will need to configure the Maltego Desktop Client to use your internal server. The Maltego Desktop Client uses the Seed URL from your server to discover Transforms, Entities, and Machines.  


If it is the first time you are setting up the Maltego Desktop Client, you can add your Internal CTAS Seed URL in the initial setup wizard which will popup the first time you open the application. If you have already installed the Maltego Standard Transorm Add-on (CTAS0 sercer then slightly different steps need to be taken. Both methods are explained below. 


Freshly Installed Maltego Desktop Client

After successful activation of the Maltego Desktop Client, you will be prompted to select whether you would like to use the public CTAS or an internal CTAS.  


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Check the Maltego Local Transform Server tickbox and enter your Internal CTAS Seed URL as shown in the image above.  


Click Next and continue to follow the Configuration Wizard until the Transform server is added to your Maltego Client. All the Transforms, Entities, Machines, and configurations will be installed from your internal CTAS to your Maltego Desktop Client. You can verify the installation under Tranform Manager.  



Existing Maltego Desktop Client

If you have already added the Public CTAS Server to your Maltego Desktop Client and you would like to replace it with your Internal CTAS, this can be done from the Transform Hub as explained below. 


Enter your server details into the Add Transform Seed window. The Internal CTAS Seed URL of your CTAS server will always be: https://{{ server IPv4 or DNS Name }}/REMOTETAS.xml.


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Click OK, and then Install.

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