Setting your API keys

Modified on: Fri, 19 Jun, 2020 at 2:11 AM

After activating your server, you should be redirected to https://{{ Server IPv4 or DNS Name }}/status/ where you can enter your API keys or credentials for various services.

The CTAS server comes with a number of Transforms which require you to enter your own API keys or credentials for those Transforms to run.

All search engine based Transforms use Bing Web Search API. Enter your Bing Web Search API key in the Bing API Key field in order to use the web search based Transforms.

Few CTAS Transforms use the IBM Natural Language Understanding API to extract Entities from text and also analyze sentiments of sentence(s). Enter your API Key/URL or Username/Password in order to run Transforms based on IBM Natural Language Understanding API.

Click on Save API Keys to save the entered IBM Natural Language Understanding API/credentials and Bing Web Search API.

IBM Natural Language Understanding migrated from using Username/Password based authentication to API Key/API URL based authentication. You can still use your valid Username/Password if you don't have the API Key/API URL.

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