Setting your API keys

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The MST Server comes with several Transforms which require you to enter your own API key/s or credentials in order to have those Transforms run. The following API keys would be required.


API Keys can be set when running a Transform in the Maltego Desktop Client or centrally in a shared file api_keys.json as follows:

    "bing_search_service_api_key": "<replace-me>", 
    "bing_cognitive_service_api_key": "<replace-me>", 
    "ibm_watson_api_key": "<replace-me>", 
    "ibm_watson_api_url": "<replace-me>", 
    "builtwith_api_key": "<replace-me>", 
    "whoisxml_api_key": "<replace-me>", 
    "ipqs_api_key": "<replace-me>", 
    "securitytrails_api_key": "<replace-me>" 

Additional details for each integration and how to get a key are provided below. 


1. Bing Search Transforms

Bing Search Service Transform documentation can be found here

All search engine-based Transforms use Bing Web Search API. Enter your Bing Web Search API key in the Bing API Key field in order to use the web search-based Transforms. 


Sign up for a Bing Search API key here


Legacy users with cognitive search services can add the Cognitive Service API Key.

Note: Bing Search API's have moved from Cognitive Services to Bing Search Services which uses a different API key. If your API key was created after October 30th, 2020, on the Bing Search Services website, then enter your key in the bing_search_service_api_key field. If your API key was created before October 30th, 2020,0 on the Cognitive Services website, then enter your key in the bing_cognitive_service_api_key field.

Note: Bing Search APIs will transition from Azure Cognitive Services to Azure Marketplace on 31 October 2023. Read more here.


2. IBM Watson Transforms

Several CTAS Transforms use the IBM Natural Language Understanding API to extract Entities from text and analyze sentiments of sentence(s). Enter your API Key in order to run Transforms based on IBM Natural Language Understanding API. 


Sign up for an IBM Watson API key here

IBM Watson Transform documentation can be found here in Maltego's Legacy Transform set.


3. Maltego BuiltWith Transforms

Sign up for a BuiltWith API key here

Maltego BuiltWith Transform documentation can be found here


4. WhoisXml IP Netblocks Transforms 

Signup for a WhoisXML API Key here.

Maltego WhoisXML documentation can be found here.


5. IP Quality Score (IPQS) Transforms 

Signup for a IPQS API Key here.

Maltego IPQS documentation can be found here.


6. Security Trails Transforms

Signup for a Security Trails API Key here.

Maltego Security Trails documentation can be found here.

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