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This guide details the procedure to deploy and activate the Maltego Standard Transforms On-premise Server (CTAS) and further provides an overview of the server interface.


For more information on what the CTAS is and why you might need it, start by reading What is a CTAS?

For an overview of the Maltego Server ecosystem and how the CTAS fits into it, please read the Overview of Maltego servers.


Setup Overview

There are two options for deploying the CTAS, both are outlined in the upcoming articles:

  1. Using *.ova virtual machine file with pre-installed docker containers, the necessary Docker images, and the Docker Compose YAML file.
  2. Using Docker images downloaded from our registry on any operating system using a Docker Compose YAML file.


The instructions in the Setup section detail the standard installation procedure. Should you need to use custom SSL certificates, or modify the Docker container, refer to the "Advanced Setup" section for additional information.

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