Deploying a Virtual Machine Image

Modified on: Tue, 25 Apr, 2023 at 3:48 PM

Installing the Maltego Collaboration (Comms) Server Using a Virtual Machine Image

  1. Download the OVA file from the link in your delivery document.
  2. Import the OVA file into the selected hypervisor. Currently VMWare and Oracle Virtual Box are supported. Refer to the selected Hypervisor's user guide on how to import OVA files.
  3. Make any required VM virtual hardware configuration changes you require for your environment, e.g. linking VM to specific vSwitch.
  4. Start the Comms server virtual machine.
  5. In the Hypervisor management tool, e.g. VMWare ESXi Web UI, and lookup the DHCP assigned IP address. If your network does not support DHCP, use the Hypervisor management tool to log into the VM and assign a fixed IP address.
  6. Share the IP address or DNS name of the server with your Maltego users.

SSH Access to the Server

Once the server is running you can SSH onto it with the following default credentials:


Username: maltego

Password: tasx

Port: 22


Warning: The default password should be changed the first time you run the server and the SSH port should not be accessible from the Internet.

Optional Steps

  1. Remotely log into the virtual machine using SSH, e.g., ssh maltego@<your server IP or DNS name> and perform OS maintenance tasks like OS updates.
  2. Remotely log into the virtual machine and change the hostname to match DNS name configured on your network.

For information on creating and using shared graph sessions within the Maltego Desktop Client, please read the Collaboration section within the Maltego Desktop Application Guide.

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