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After successfully activating the CTAS, you should reach the status page at: 

https://{{SERVER IP or HOSTNAME}}/status/ 

You will find the following sections: 

  • License Certificate Status 

  • API Key 

  • Seed URL 

  • Documentation 

These sections are explained in more detail below.

License Certificate Status 

This section contains important license certificate details for the certificate which was used to activate the server. When activating the server, only 'Common Name' and 'Start/End' date is checked.  'Days left' displays the number of days remaining before the certificate expires.  

To reactivate the server, in the case of a renewal for example, click ‘Update License’. You will be redirected to an activation page where you can upload a new certificate.


API Keys 

Certain Transforms in the official Paterva CTAS Transform sets use data sources which require API keys. These API keys are entered in the API Keys section. API Keys however, need to be purchased from the provider directly. 

Currently there are two data sources in use, these are: 

  • IBM Natural Language Understanding API 

  • Bing Web Search API

IBM Natural Language Understanding API

You can sign up to the IBM Natural Language Understanding API here. This API is required by the CTAS transforms that do Named Entity Recognition and Sentiment Analysis. Once you have registered you will receive an API key and a URL that can be entered in this form.

IBM has completely switched to the API Key/URL based authentication method so the username/password fields will be remove from the CTAS Admin UI in an upcoming update.

Bing API Key

You can sign up for a Bing API key from Microsoft's Cognitive Services website. Pricing for the Bing Web Search API can be found on the same page. Ensure that you use Bing Web Search and not the Bing Search as the pricing and functionality are different. After registering, you will be supplied with an API key. Typically, this looks as follows:

  • API: h2tIAXUgYUMhzJ6TZFH9r5K8WU8u3Ir5+pQs1aDW4aU

Add the key in the Bing API Key field.

Seed URL 

This section provides the Seed URL of the CTAS. The Seed URL allows you to add the CTAS to the Maltego Desktop Clients. The URL is in the format:


This Seed URL is added to the desktop client as a new Hub Item as shown below: 



The last section of the CTAS refers to online Documentation. This section provides links to the latest server documentation and Transform guide. 

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