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After successfully activating the CTAS, you should reach the status page at: 

https://{{SERVER IP or HOSTNAME}}/status/ 

You will find the following sections: 

  • License Certificate Status 

  • Seed URL 

  • Documentation 

These sections are explained in more detail below.

License Certificate Status 

This section contains important license certificate details for the certificate which was used to activate the server. When activating the server, only 'Common Name' and 'Start/End' date is checked.  'Days left' displays the number of days remaining before the certificate expires.  

To reactivate the server, in the case of a renewal for example, click ‘Update License’. You will be redirected to an activation page where you can upload a new certificate.

Seed URL 

This section provides the Seed URL of the CTAS. The Seed URL allows you to add the CTAS to the Maltego Desktop Clients. The URL is in the format:


This Seed URL is added to the desktop client as a new Hub Item as shown below: 


The last section of the CTAS refers to online Documentation. This section provides links to the latest server documentation and Transform guide. 

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