Using your own SSL Certificate

Modified on: Wed, 5 Jul, 2023 at 7:18 PM

Many customers would like to replace our server certificates with their own certificates issued with the correct common name and using their company or commercial Certificate Authority (CA).

Note: This option is only to support SSL encryption of Transform runs using your own certificate. You will still be required to use the certificate provided by Maltego for accessing the admin portal.

Step 1: Prepare Custom SSL Certificate 

Copy the custom `server.crt` and `server.key` files to the iTDS directory, e.g. `$HOME/itds/`. 

  1. server_cert.crt: crt file for the new certificate  
  1. server_cert.key: key file for the new certificate 


Step 2: Update Docker Compose  

Update ` itdsapache` section of the docker compose yaml file (e.g. itds.yml), to mount `server.crt` and `server.key

    restart: unless-stopped 
      - 8000:8000 # Admin UI 
      - 443:8443 # Transform runner 
    # add-on config 
      - ./server.crt:/usr/local/apache2/certificates/server.crt 
      - ./server.key:/usr/local/apache2/certificates/server.key

Step 3: Restart Containers  

cd $HOME/itds/
docker compose -f itds.yml down
docker compose -f itds.yml up -d

Note: Please replace the iTDS directory and the yaml filename with the ones relevant to your environment.

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