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Activating your server

Navigating to https://{{ server IP }}/ will display a UI for activating your server but when you are accessing the server for the first time it is expected that an insecure connection warning will be shown. This is because we use a self-signed certificate that will not be trusted by your browser.

Continuing with this warning, you should see the following activation page:

After placing your order, you will receive a "Delivery PDF" which includes a download link for your ITDS activation certificate. 

Please select the activation certificate (*.pfx file) and click "Submit" in order to activate your server.

After activating your server, click "View Admin UI" to open the admin interface. 

You will need to add your activation certificate to your browser, before you can access the Admin UI. If you have not added the certificate to your browser, then you will receive an error page similar to the screenshot below. Please follow the steps below on how to add the certificate to your browser.

Adding your certificate to your browser

The activation certificate used to activate your server, will also be used for access control to the ITDS admin interface. You will need to install the same client side certificate within your browser before accessing the server admin UI. 

By default the password for the certificate is "MaltegoServer".

Mozilla Firefox

The first step in Firefox is to select the menu icon on the right hand side and follow these steps: 

1. Select Options.

2. Select "Privacy & Security" and click on "View Certificates".

3. From there click "Import..." and follow on screen instructions to add "*.pfx" certificate.

Google Chrome

The first step in Chrome is to select the menu item on the right hand side and follow these steps: 

1. Select options.

2. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Advanced". Select "Manage Certificates" to manage HTTPS/SSL certificates.

3. Next click on "Import...".

You should now be able to view the "Admin UI".

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