3.1.0 Release Notes - Standard Transforms Add-on (CTAS) Server

Modified on: Wed, 15 Mar, 2023 at 6:03 PM

Standard Transforms Add-on (CTAS) Server 3.1.0 Release Notes

  • ADDED: Moved all secrets to environmental variables that can be set from the docker-compose file.
  • ADDED: Decoupled Python and Nginx into separate containers to comply with best-practice of having one process per container.
  • ADDED: Created least-privileged user for each container to run with.
  • ADDED: Updated networking configuration to support K8s networking.
  • ADDED: Updated API key sharing mechanism so that API keys can be set from environmental variables.
  • REMOVED: Admin UI for configuring API keys.
  • ADDED: Changed the build process for registering Transforms with the dispatcher to ensure no runtime dependency issues.
  • REMOVED: CTAS PGP Transforms.
  • REMOVED: CTAS BuiltWith Transforms.
  • REMOVED: CTAS Wikipedia Transforms.
  • ADDED: JINX PGP Transforms.
  • ADDED: JINX BuiltWith Transforms.
  • ADDED: JINX Wikipedia Transforms.

Standard Transforms Add-on (CTAS) Server 3.0.X to 3.1.X OVA File Checksums

SHA256 23c83ee3f9c67cf1e5347c13bd98cdc7a048c42bba3c9e1d538cce84e88c3316
SHA256   20240b51e35af57bd22863c5437c625c3b7f181cef3ab63fafd361b50683f1f6
maltego-ctas-3.0.12-2021-03-03.ovaMD5  ae389385e46a9ec5c08d8c0b9b877372
SHA256  0b7dd67bf6cb5c481d6fb23ac4858696a195089b838ce848a896c9c46b8d0066 
maltego-ctas-3.1.1-2021-12-15.ovaMD5  d2b2cbdcbeb0c8fa05b74447b5333f70
SHA256   b0ff8a113269f1916af48a54e456275fcc209681e4e814d184d70b1eafbbf860
maltego-ctas-3.1.1-2021-12-20.ovaMD5   1fd4f1158d0fcb852b2c0be5ddf016ae
SHA256   c6f3b86cf1b8da7a6971f6acec29d17915a9e70e20d9e7b931b20dcfa68aeecb

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