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Orbis - Bureau Van Dijk

Modified on: Tue, 22 Sep, 2020 at 10:05 PM


Bureau van Dijk’s Orbis is a part of Maltego’s Premium Data Integrations / Offerings.

Bureau van Dijk’s Orbis is the most comprehensive data source, with information on more than 375 million companies worldwide that one can use to compare companies - regardless of whether they are listed or privately held. It captures and treats a variety of information from over 180 separate data sources.

With the new Bureau van Dijk Connector for Maltego, investigators can combine the investigative capabilities of Maltego to easily visualize and map complex relationships with Orbis data, to assist investigators in performing:

  • Corporate risk assessments
  • Due diligence activities
  • Criminal and financial investigations


  • Gain a quick understanding and easily visualize corporate structures and hierarchies
  • Compare companies wherever they are in the world and search companies using comparable data
  • Access related M&A deals and rumors and many more
  • Combine Orbis data with other 3rd party data sources available on Transform Hub and with internal data to gain a comprehensive view in all their investigations

To read more about Bureau van Dijk's Orbis, click here.


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