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Maltego Desktop Client Changelog

Modified on: Tue, 28 Jul, 2020 at 10:42 AM

Version 4.2.11


Added: Java 14 support.

Fixed: Increase the Start Page font size if the font size in the Options panel is increased.

Fixed: 6 additional changes/fixes.

Version 4.2.10


Added: Display entity type IDs next to their display names in the Transform Manager.

Added: Truncate Notes on the graph per line. Made the truncate length configurable in the Options dialog.

Added: Added word wrap toggle buttons for Notes in the Details dialog.

Added: Added web browser options to the first run wizard.

Added: Display the Entity Details dialog when double-clicking on an Entity inside a Collection Node.

Added: Added Ctrl+Enter shortcut for opening the Entity/Link Details dialog.

Changed: Removed the Nominatim Location entity type.

Changed: Set the file extension filter to ".lic" explicitly for the license file browse dialog.

Changed: Improved label truncation length options.

Changed: Update the bundled Java from Oracle JDK 1.8 (202) to AdoptOpenJDK 11.0.7 in the Windows installer.

Fixed: Prevent (even more) "Invalid lock [null]" entity errors.

Fixed: Fixed MalformedByteSequenceException.

Fixed: Fixed type conversion issue for properties with missing groups when converting from paste with regex.

Fixed: Fixed attaching URLs containing illegal file characters.

Fixed: Fixed import of icons with names ending on numbers.

Fixed: Fixed "target cannot be null" error when running transforms.

Fixed: Fixed silent install (using /S) for the Windows installer with Java bundled in.

Fixed:Fixed proxy reload NPE.

Fixed: Fixed dragging multiple Transforms to a Transform Set in the Transform Manager.

Fixed: 3 additional changes/fixes.

Version 4.2.9


Added: New CA certifcate for Maltego.

Added: Tabular import for graphs exported to tables that include all property values (grouped/flat content).

Added: Left-click on entity/machine item in Run View to run (same as right-click context menu on graph).

Added: Search capability to Entity Manager. The display name, description and type name of an entity are used.

Changed: The location of the temporary graphs from the temp to user directory to mitigate rare graph corruptions.

Changed: Greyed out collaboration options that are disabled in Maltego CE to avoid confusion.

Changed: Improved handling of escaped double quotes in pasted JSON strings.

Changed: Hide "EDT Slowness" errors from bottom-right popup, but still send automatic bug reports if opted in.

Changed: Alphanumeric sort of transform sets in Transform Manager.

Changed: The unique type name is now shown next to the display name in several entity drop-down boxes.

Fixed: Prevent "Invalid lock [null]" entity errors.

Fixed: Load tabular mappings along with other items from discovered paired configuration files.

Fixed: Errors when case-invariant duplicate entities appear in the same palette category.

Fixed: Allow empty default values for entity properties in the entity creation wizard and other property sheets.

Fixed: Entity/Link headers must export to the same row (first) when exporting to machine readable tables.

Fixed: 5 additional changes/fixes.

Version 4.2.8


Added:Support for Java 11 after Maltego update or upon fresh install. Maltego officially supports Java 8 & 11.

Added:"limit" param to machine filters to limit the payload to a max number of entities.

Added: "all" machine filter to select all graph entities, but can also use "limit" param.

Changed: Improved cross-platform Java detection

Fixed: Send to URL actions (machine & context menu) to only send links between payload entities.

Fixed: ConcurrentModificationException when copying entities with overlay mappings.

Fixed: Display TypeName for Local Transform entity combobox instead of DisplayName to differentiate entities.

Fixed: Various additional changes/fixes.

Version 4.2.7


Changed: Improved offline license activation error notification

Version 4.2.6


Fixed: "StackOverflowError" error causing hang on splash screen when hub item is changed.

Version 4.2.5


Added: Ability to change the OAuth callback protocol and port in the Service Manager.

Version 4.2.4


Added: Configuration options to choose if IPv4 or IPv6 stack and/or addresses are preferred.

Added: Copy/paste to/from text with properties.

Added: sendToURL() from Machines.

Added: Config option to force basic authentication for proxies.

Added: Machines in the context menu.

Changed: Improved Export to Image.

Fixed: Import of older MTZ files containing hub items without names.

Fixed: License activation when dashes were omitted in the key.

Fixed: PDF report generation when images could not be retrieved.

Fixed: Bug with Machines that did not take any input entities.

Fixed: Removed OAuth access token length restriction.

Fixed: 7 additional changes/fixes.

Version 4.2.3


Added: a Privacy Mode option.

Fixed: Show required Hub inputs in the correct order.

Fixed: Improved IPv6 certificate hostname verification.

Fixed: 2 additional changes/fixes.

Version 4.2.2


Fixed: Issue with inheritance for transform entity types introduced in 4.2.0

Version 4.2.1


Fixed: There is an issue showing bidirection text correctly in Java 8u162 to 8u201. Please use Java 8u202 instead.

Fixed: If you are updating from 4.2.0 to 4.2.1 and had issues with entities showing the wrong property value on the graph, please delete the impacted entities and update your transforms again in the Transform Hub after updating to 4.2.1.

Fixed: Merging of entity specs with overlays when refreshing Hub Items.

Fixed: The entity value property being displayed on the graph instead of the display value property.

Fixed: 4 additional changes/fixes.

Version 4.2.0


Added: Send entity inherited types when running transforms.

Added: Ability to return properties mapped to icons in the Icon Manager from transforms.

Added: New tabular export formats to export all entity and link properties.

Added: Flag icons.

Added: Support for SVG, ICO, TIF and TIFF icons and images.

Added: Text, image and color entity overlays on the graph.

Added: Expressions can now be used for property mappings.

Added: Icon aliases.

Changed: Icons from transform Hub Items are now shown seperately from built-in and user icon.

Changed: Updated MX and NS record icons.

Changed: Updated the example graph.

Fixed: Made bidirectional text improvements.

Fixed: An issue with refreshing of entity images.

Fixed: Transform being duplicated in the context menu if its name changed.

Fixed: Splitting Person names into First Names and Surname if the name contained non-ASCII word characters.

Fixed: On OAuth error when a refresh token was specified but not an expiry time.

Fixed: Certificate error when the Subject Alternative Names contains an IPAddress type entry.

Fixed: Clear image URLs marked as invalid and dead when refreshing images.

Fixed: Hang that sometimes occurred when opening multiple graphs at once.

Fixed: 25 additional changes/fixes.

Version 4.1.15


Added: New tabular export formats as well as an export preview.

Added: Export Graph as XML for Maltego, yEd and Gephi GraphML formats.

Changed: Now defaults to User License instead of Machine License in Windows.

Fixed: Incremental layouting fix and tooltip improved.

Fixed: Issue when transform name contained %.

Fixed: Hang when reaching 10k entities in Maltego Classic or CE.

Fixed: 6 additional changes/fixes.

Version 4.1.14


Fixed: Merging of bookmarks on entities returned from transforms.

Fixed: 7 additional changes/fixes.

Version 4.1.13


Fixed: Text on some buttons and labels being truncated in certain Linux distributions.

Fixed: Offline activation issue.

Fixed: 4 additional changes/fixes.

Version 4.1.12


Fixed:Many Collaboration fixes and improvements.

Fixed:Fixed plurals of IPv4 Address and Person entities.

Fixed: Added a "Dismiss All" button to dismiss all pending transform error dialogues.

Fixed: 6 additional changes/fixes

Version 4.1.11


Changed: Updated User-Agent string for requests.

Fixed: Entities sometimes not merging when they should.

Fixed: Machines not completing when transforms return with errors.

Fixed: Excel dates being imported as numbers instead of dates.

Fixed: Error when using Show/Hide Notes with collections in graph.

Fixed: "Type not found for id…" errors.

Fixed: 8 additional changes/fixes

Version 4.1.10


Changed: The ribbon taskbar icons.

Changed: The search icons.

Changed: 4 additional changes/fixes

Version 4.1.9


Added: Allow entity category to be edited from Entity Manager.

Fixed: 2 small bugs.

Version 4.1.8


Fixed: The issue with transforms unable to update source entity.

Version 4.1.7


Changed: Remember the Collection slider value from the last open graph when creating a new graph.

Changed: Pin the Home editor tab to the left.

Changed: Improved performance when dragging entities from the palette to the graph.

Changed: Improved transform result entity matching and merging performance.

Fixed: Improved error messages when servers are not reachable.

Fixed: Issue with entity value editing.

Fixed: Issue when opening graph with +T.

Fixed: Error when closing all graphs and clicking "Don't Save" in rapid succession.

Fixed: Rare font error when trying to export to PDF.

Fixed: Issue with Hub Transform Inputs editors losing focus after each key press.

Fixed: Issue with editing array properties in the double-click entity edit dialog.

Fixed: Show up-to-date Machine script when editing Machine from Run View.

Fixed: 12 additional small bugs.

Version 4.1.6


Fixed: Issues with matching URLs of different case.

Version 4.1.5


Added: A new Certificate Manager.

Added: The ability to search for links in the graph with +f.

Added: Option to disable auto image downloads.

Fixed: Regular expression issue on inherited entities.

Fixed: Report export issue.

Fixed: Top graph action enabled states when graph is opening/closing.

Fixed: Update hover context when navigating entities with the arrow keys.

Fixed: Error when editing entity containing unparsable URLs.

Fixed: Error when importing a graph from a large table data file.

Version 4.1.4


Added: An option to use a license per user instead of per machine in Windows.

Added: Bookmark values are now also sent to transforms.

Added: Entity properties can now be set to 'hidden'.

Added: The path fields of File Chooser dialogs are now editable.

Added: Automatically select the find text after using Find shortcut.

Changed: Changed transform slider values from 255, 4000 and 64000 to 256, 4096 and 65536.

Fixed: Wrong discovered icon counts.

Fixed: Change Type when the two types have properties with the same name but different property types.

Fixed: Correctly escape "%" in property values.

Fixed: "SyncFailedException" errors

Fixed: Issue where properties were cleared when editing other related properties.

Fixed: Issue when refreshing items in the hub.

Fixed: Tabular Import failing to create link between duplicate values in the same row.

Fixed: Issue with Output Window links.

Fixed: "Could not install some modules" error.

Fixed: 11 additional small bugs.

Version 4.1.3


Fixed: "Attempt to mutate in notification" error when editing the label text of a manual link.

Version 4.1.2


Changed: Made it easier to input an API key when installing a hub item.

Changed:Increased the maximum graph to image export width from 7k to 15k pixels.

Changed: Improved handling of local transform errors.

Changed: Fallback to system fonts when trying to display Unicode characters in entity labels.

Fixed: Issues with Find in Files for entities with attachments or of unknown type.

Fixed: Follow redirects correctly when downloading images for reports.

Fixed: Error when expanding certain hub items during configuration export.

Fixed: Error that sometimes occurred when choosing Close All.

Fixed: Rare error that occurred when many entities with date properties are returned from a transform.

Fixed: 3 additional small bugs.

Version 4.1.1


Changed: Built-in machines were removed so that they are now only installed with hub items.

Fixed: Correctly remove transform servers that are not referenced by any seeds anymore.

Fixed: Show wait cursor when refreshing hub item.

Version 4.1.0


Added: A "Relayout after 'Copy to New Graph'" option in the application Options.

Added: Support for a new "UseClientAuthorizationHeader" flag in the OAuthAuthenticator xml.

Changed: Merged CaseFile, CE, Kali, Classic & XL into a single distribution.

Changed: Major improvements to how licensing works.

Changed: Improvements to error reporting.

Changed: Show custom/user hub items first in the hub.

Changed: Changed the location of "Options" in the application menu.

Changed: Zoom-to-selection after pasting on a graph.

Changed: Zoom-to-fit after doing a copy to new graph action.

Changed: Replaced the scale option with pixel width when exporting a graph as an image.

Changed: Reduced bandwidth used when checking for updates.

Changed: Improved performance of Find in Files for *.mtgl files.

Changed: Improved performance when uninstalling hub items.

Changed: Improved performance when many (thousands) of the same type of entities are returned.

Changed: Improved performance when selecting many entities with many transforms and machines installed.

Fixed: Added workaround for JDK-8160328 rendering bug

Fixed: Freeze when deleting multiple transforms in the Transform Manager.

Fixed: Selection/hover context between graph, Detail View and Property View going out of sync.

Fixed: Persistence of tabular import links.

Fixed: Full screen drag select issue on Mac.

Fixed: 35 additional small bugs.

Version 4.0.18



Entity value cleared when double clicking on label and clicking away.


Dragging of the main window laggy.


3 additional small bugs.

Version 4.0.17


Added: Automatic error reporting (opt-in).

Added: Support for refresh tokens and expire times in OAuth2.0 for managed services.

Added: Drag and drop graph files into Maltego to open them.

Added: Palette search box.

Added: Graph context menu search box.

Added: Automatically bring up the find bar when typing with the graph active.

Added: Drag title bar to top of screen to maximize.

Added: Drag title bar down from maximize to restore.

Fixed: Unicode issue when exporting PDF report.

Fixed: Maximizing Maltego on secondary monitor.

Fixed: 19 additional small bugs.

Version 4.0.16


Added: A Home button under Windows in the ribbon.

Added: A Refresh button to hub items so that their transforms can be refreshed without refreshing all hub items.

Added: Support SSL for Managed Services callbacks with "UseSSLHost".

Added: Ability to specify the request type verb for Managed Services with "RequestType".

Fixed: Twitter access token expiring immediately after sign in.

Fixed: 15 additional small bugs.

Version 4.0.15


Added: Ability to inspect links in the Detail View by clicking on "+".

Added: A "Select Leaves" button under Investigate in the ribbon.

Added: A Recently Used section in the Palette.

Added: License days remaining indicator.

Added: A type row can now be added to tables that will be used during Tabular Import.

Added: Auto detect a header row, type row and/or entity types during Tabular Import.

Added: An "Unmap All" button in Tabular Import.

Added: Ability to specify default connectivity strategy during Tabular Import.

Added: Connectivity Table in Tabular Import.

Added: Ability to select multiple files during Tabular Import.

Added: Entity List View.

Added: A "Save As" button to the taskbar.

Added: Factory Reset.

Changed: Better name generation for new graphs.

Changed: Persist last used tabular import file and directory path.

Changed: Increased max font size to 25 for HiDPI screen support.

Changed: When exporting a graph to a table, add entities with no links to the bottom of table.

Changed: Select Leaves to only select leaves connected to a single parent.

Changed: Improved Tabular Import performance.

Changed: Improved PDF report generation performance and progress indication.

Fixed: An issue where a hub item would sometimes be duplicated.

Fixed: An issue where attachments could not be deleted from entities.

Fixed: 29 additional small bugs.


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