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AliasDB is a plugin for Maltego that allows you to access a database of over over 12 Million site defacements, the aliases that took attribution, and other relevant metadata going back to 1998.


  1. You need to install Maltego. Make sure you are using Maltego One, XL or Classic (Commercial Version). The Community Edition has limitations that will significantly impact your experience with AliasDB. You can purchase Maltego from Paterva, Or you can purchase it through Shadow Dragon. If you need a trial of Maltego during your AliasDB trial, please contact us. 
  2. In Maltego, in the Home Tab, select Transform Hub and find AliasDB and click Install. 
  3. Select Yes and after installation is completed click Finish. 
  4. Once installed, hover over SocialNet and click Details.



5. In the window that pops up, click Settings.

6. Enter your License Key and click Close.



Search for Attackers by Alias

  1. Start with an Alias Entity on the graph, and enter the value you want to search. This example shows the search for "anonymous".
  2. Right click and select the Transform "Search For Attackers".



3. After you run this Transform you will see results return in the graph. These are "Attacker" Entities on which other Transforms can be run.




Get Defacements of an Attacker

  1. Once you have an Attacker Entity, you can run a Transform to show the defacements that the attacker is associated with.



Get Defacements by Website

  1. Start with a Domain Entity, and type the URL you want to search. Then run "Get Defacements by Site" to search for defacements of that site.


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