After activating the CTAS, you should reach the status page at https://{{SERVER IP or HOSTNAME}}/status/ where you can find the following sections: 

  • License Certificate Status 

  • API Key 

  • Seed URL 

  • Documentation 

License Certificate Status 

This section contains important details of the license certificate which was used to activate the server. When activating the server, only Common Name and Start/End date is checked. 

Days left shows the number of days left till the certificate is valid 

To reactivate the server for example in case of renewalclick on ‘Update License’. You will be redirected to an activation page where you can upload the new certificate. The new certificate should have the same Common Nam as in the certificate which was used before. If the Common Name does not match, please contact us with your order number at  


API Keys 

Certain transforms in official Paterva CTAS tramsform set uses data sources which require API keys. These API keys are entered in this section and these keys are bough separately from the provider directly. 

Currently there are two such data sources being used which are: 

  • IBM Natural Language Understanding API 

  • Bing Web Search API 

IBM Natural Language Understanding API

IBM has completely switched to API Key/URL based authentication from older Username and Password method. To be able to add API Key/URL to CTAS please update to CTAS v3.0.10. 

Bing API Key

In February 2017 we released a CTAS patch that adds support for Bing's new Web Search API which is now part of Microsoft's Cognitive Services. Microsoft will be dropping support for the Azure Marketplace "Bing Web Search" which is what was used previously in the CTAS server for our search engine transforms. If you are hosting your own internal CTAS server you will need to sign up for a Bing Web search API key from Microsoft's Cognitive Services to continue using CTAS's search engine transforms. Because Maltego private servers are outside of Paterva’s control we’ve implemented a solution whereby the server administrator can use their own Bing API key with their transform server.

You can sign up for a Bing API key from Micorsoft's Cognitive Services website . Pricing for the Bing Web Search API can also be found on the same page. Ensure that you use the Bing Web search and not the Bing search as the pricing and functionality is different. After registering you will be supplied with a API key. Typically, this looks as follows:

  • API: h2tIAXUgYUMhzJ6TZFH9r5K8WU8u3Ir5+pQs1aDW4aU

Add the key in Bing API Key field.

Seed URL 

This section provides the Seed URL of the CTAS. The Seed URL allows you to add the CTAS to desktop clients. The URL is in the format https://{{SERVER IP or HOSTNAME}}/ REMOTETAS.xml 


This URL is added to the desktop client as a new Hub Item as shown below: 



The last section of the CTAS is Documentation. This section provide links to the latest server documentations and transform Guide.