We have a range of search engine transforms using Bing web search API. Sometimes it is necessary to know where the entities returned from these transforms were found.

All of our search engine transform stores the source URLs in the entity properties itself. To know these URLs there are a set of transforms starting from "To URLs".

Please refer to the below example on how to use these transforms.

1. Drop a domain entity on to the graph and run 'To Email addresses [using Search Engine]' transform.

2. Double click on email entity 'support@paterva.com' and go to properties tab to see list of URLs where this email was found.

3. To extract these URL from the 'Urls' field, select 'support@paterva.com' and run 'To URLs [show Search Engine results]' transform.

4. All the source URLs are plotted on to the graph with their display property set as the URL title.