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To DNS Name [Attempt zone transfer]

Modified on: Thu, 18 Jun, 2020 at 3:51 AM

Transform Meta Info

Display NameTo DNS Name [Attempt zone transfer]
Transform NameDomainToDNSName_ZT
Short DescriptionThis Transform will attempt to perform a zone transfer a returns A and Cname records
Data Source


This Transform attempts a zone transfer (AXFR) on the Domain . You can read more on a zone transfer at Wikipedia . If possible it extracts the CNames and A records from the zone as DNS Name . If a zone transfer is possible then all the DNS names associated with the domain is returned, and there is no need to brute force it anymore. The results of a successful zone transfer normally results in a very happy analyst as resolving these DNS names to IPv4 Address gives a very good indication of the network location of the target.

Typical uses

Used in infrastructure footprinting for finding the network location of a target

Domain via Transform DNS Name to

DNS Name via Transform DNS Name to

IPv4 Address via Transform Netblock to

Netblock From there you can do all sorts of things like:

Netblock to Location to

Location for geo locations etc.

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