Transform Meta Info

Display NameTo Domains [DNS]
Transform NameDNS NameToDomain_DNS
Short DescriptionThis transform extracts all the domains from a DNS Name - it excludes TLDs and SLD.
Data Source
AuthorRoelof Temmingh (
InputDNS Name


This transform will return the domain of the supplied website. The transform will also return any sub domains - all the way to the sub TLD. This means that if a web site with the name is supplied the transform will return the domains and, but not (sub TLD) or za (TLD).

Typical uses

Assume that you obtain a list of nameservers for a domain using the DomainToDNS Name_NS transform. You want to investigate the resulting DNS Name a little further. The more interesting organisation data would be located on the domain. The DNS name is converted to a domain for further investigation using this transform.