Transform Meta Info

Display NameTo Netblock [Using whois info]
Transform NameIPAddressToNetblock_whois
Short DescriptionThis transform will get the netblock via the whois service (ARIN/APNIC/LACNIC/AFRINIC/RIPE)
AuthorRoelof Temmingh (


This transforms determines the associated network (IP range) of an IP address by doing a recursive whois lookup and parsing the resultant information. Keep in mind that in many cases smaller blocks of IP addresses are sub leased and that the whois information might not reflect this. This can easily lead to false positives. The whois information itself is stored as a property of the IP address entity (IP whois). You should always manually inspect this data to give context to results. For more information about whois see the Wikipedia entry here .


From the default IP address entity (for our Linode server) we can retrieve the Linode Netblock that it belongs to. The whois info for the Netblock is added as a property to the Netblock entity.