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Parse meta information

Modified on: Wed, 24 Jun, 2020 at 6:28 AM

Transform Meta Info

Display NameParse meta information
Transform NameDocumentToPersonEmail_Meta
Short DescriptionThis Transform extracts the meta information from the document and then parses it for username (persons) and/or email addresses.
Data Source
OutputPerson, Email Address, Phrase, Document



This Transform downloads the document at the specified URL and extracts the meta information from it. Maltego tries to map the meta data to Person, Phrase and Email Address, but in some cases the information is not correctly populated within the document itself. Visual inspection of the resultant Entities are advised. The following fields are extracted from the document:

  • Company->Phrase
  • Creator->Phrase
  • Keywords->Phrase
  • Author->Person
  • LastSavedBy->Person
  • AuthorEmail->Email address
  • AuthorEmailDisplayName->Email address

Typical Use Case

Great for finding information on a domain - e.g. who wrote their documents etc.


Starting with the domain "" we can retrieve documents using a search engine. From the returned documents we can parse the document meta-information. For the given documents, the Transform recognizes the tool used for writing the document.

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